Twins Nine Month Check Up

Twins Nine Month Check Up

Happy Friday y'all! I'm so excited that this kicks off winter break. We got a lot done this week including the boys' nine month wellness check up. I still can't believe they're nine months old. We got there an hour early because for some reason I thought our appointment was at 1:00pm...nope 1:50pm! Woo go me haha. We hung out and finally got called back. They did great. Doc says they're growing fine and look healthy as can be. She also mentioned that she believed that they would be walking in about 2 weeks....Lord help! They're still in the 10th and 0 percentile but I'm not too worried. Here's how their measurements came out:


Height: 25.6 inches tall

Weight: 17 lbs 14 oz (Birth 5 lbs 11 oz)



Height: 26 inches tall

Weight: 17 lbs 3 oz (Birth 5 lbs 8 oz)

These two have grown SO much in the last nine months. Bentley seems to be the taller more slender of the two and Liam is the shorter stockier one. We'll see if this continues! Their next wellness appointment is for their one year check up....I can't believe we're that close already. SLOW DOWN. Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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