How to Make Your Shower Feel Like a Spa

How to Make Your Shower Feel Like a Spa

You know when you go to a super nice hotel or spa, and you just instantly feel zen? Yea, that's one of my FAVORITE feelings ever. And in 2020, we could all use more zen in our lives. Especially around the holiday season, which tends to bring out the crazy overwhelm in us all. (Although I'm fighting against this socially acceptable norm this year).

You don't need a Pinterest worthy shower to make this work. In fact, we don't have a fancy shower by any means. It's just a typical tub shower. But, that doesn't mean we can't make it feel spa like!


Here are a few easy tips!

1. Bundle eucalyptus and lavender and hang it from your shower head (or on the wall)

Eucalyptus leaves release oils that can open up your airways and elicit feelings of relaxation. The steam helps activate those oils, making it easy for you to breathe them in. They are also great for if you have a stuffy nose! Plus it looks pretty!

2. Have a candle handy

Clean burning candles (like these handmade soy candles) are a perfect way to make your shower feel calm and peaceful.

3. Shower Salts

I LOVE shower salts. They are so easy to make (or buy) and can instantly transform your shower experience.

4. Clear the Clutter

Physical clutter manifests into mental clutter. Your bathroom isn't the catch all for all the random things. Instead, declutter your bathroom and look at it through a minimalist lens. When you go to a spa, you don't see wrappers, hair straighteners, hats or other random things laying around. They're intentional about what they put out and where it's placed.

It's as easy as that! I'd love to see how y'all transform your bathrooms into a zen place!

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