How to Make a Christmas Dessert Board

How to Make a Christmas Dessert Board

One of my new favorite things to do now, is holiday themed dessert/snack boards. It just puts me in the holiday spirit, plus who doesn't love eating a pretty cookie or two?

These boards are perfect for snacking on when crafting, reading your favorite Christmas books, or entertaining (if that ever becomes a thing again...)

Here's all you need!


  • a pretty plate or board (I really like using a wooden one that I have, I love the warmth it adds)
  • festive colored desserts or snacks (think reds and greens for Christmas)

Putting it All Together

This is where people tend to get overwhelmed. Don't over think this! I usually bring out all the snacks or desserts I bought and lay them in front of me. Then, I just start dumping them on and moving them around. I try to break up the colors. So for example, I don't want to put a red velvet cookie next to a pile of red M&M's. Instead, try and evenly space out all your colors. That's it! Now light a candle, get in some comfy PJ's, put on your favorite Christmas movie, and devour your beautiful creation!

I would love to see how your holiday themed dessert boards come out!

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