Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Wow, I can't believe it's already New Year's! Where did this year go? I feel like I blinked and it was already over, although in the thick of it, it felt like forever. This year has been a struggle, that's for sure, yet some of the happiest moment of my life happened this year and I'm forever grateful for that. Here's a recap of our 2016!


At 29 weeks pregnant I went into preterm labor and landed myself in the hospital. I remember this night vividly and it happened almost a year ago. We were out to dinner with our good friends, the Murphy's and I kept feeling....strange. My stomach was hard and I felt like I couldn't breathe. When we got home, I called L&D and they told me to lay down, relax and take some Tylenol while drinking lots of water. So I did. They ended up calling me back and since they hadn't gone away, they told me to just come in. Turns out I was having contractions 2-3 minutes apart. It was one of the scariest times of my pregnancy. They ended up giving me medication to stop my labor and it wasn't fun...I got steroid shots for the boys lungs, and finally got sent home. The rest of the month I just relaxed and it was my birthday! I turned 22 and we went out to dinner.


We spent our last Valentine's Day just us and it was so nice! We got a free romantic dinner thanks to Lincoln Housing. I was so sure that the boys were going to make their grand entrance, but they didn't.



This was the best month of my life. On March 10, 2016 my sweet babies came into the world. It was the happiest day of my life and forever changed me. It wasn't an easy delivery or labor, but I made it though without needing a C-Section! The recovery the rest of the month was pretty hard, but we enjoyed every second with our new babies.



It was my hubby's 23rd birthday this month and we went down to his parents vacation home. The boys had their first Easter and of course I went over board haha. We spent time with family and had a great month!



This was a crazy month for us! The boys started rolling over for the first time all on their own. We packed up our house and drove from California to Florida. It was a long and crazy trip, but we managed to make it! Thanks to my father-in-law, it was a lot easier on us. We finally settled into our new home in Florida.



We finally had our house all unpacked and settled by June, felt like it took forever haha. This is also the month that I went back to college. The boys were barely three months old before I dove back into classes. It was hard, but so worth it. I also started making signs and this Disney inspired "Home" sign is definitely one of my favorites!



Happy 4th of July! This was the boys first Happy Birthday to America and it was so much fun! We made lots of food and had some great company.



Two of my great friends came down to visit us and it was so much fun to see them. It had been way too long! We also had family come visit for the first time. We first introduced formula at the end of the month and it was SO hard for me to accept. But they're doing so well now and I know it was the best decision for our family. My best friend also welcomed her sweet baby girl into the world! This was also the month I started to feel "sick."



My mama came to visit us and it was so much fun to have her around. It was the first time that I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and scoliosis. This month is sorta a blur to me...



It was the first Halloween for the boys ad I had so much fun making their costumes. We did the Wizard of Oz theme, and I loved it. I started physical therapy and seeing a specialist. I'm so happy that we took out first family pictures this month!



This was a great month! We had so much family come to visit us and it was Thanksgiving. One of my favorite holidays. Although this year was almost a disaster. Our oven broke down half way through the day with the turkey and so many other things left to cook. Thank God for the BBQ because it saved the day, and the oven at our friends house! It was still a great time.



This was one of my favorite months! My grandma came down to stay with us for a while and I'm so thankful she's here. She's been helping so much and I'm so blessed to have her. I also did my radioactive iodine this month and had uptake scans done. Still waiting on the results, but I should find out in a few days! This was also the boys' first Christmas, is was pure magic. I can't explain the happiness I felt watching their faces play with their new toys.


I cant imagine a better way to ring in the new year than with my husband and sweet babies. I'm so thankful for this year even though it was one of the hardest and most challenging years of my life, and yet so excited for what 2017 will bring us!

I hope everyone has a blessed 2017!

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