First Trimester Must Haves

First Trimester Must Haves

Now that I'm out of the first trimester, I thought I would put together some of the things that helped me survive those first few months. The first trimester is probably the HARDEST trimester for most mamas, especially for a first time mama. The hormones, the exhaustion, the's all just a crazy whirlwind. I always seem to have really rough first trimesters and with this being the third go around, I knew what to expect this time, or so I thought. I got horrible morning sickness...more like ALL day into night sickness, moody and the the exhaustion was real. I would fall asleep on the couch in the middle of the day and still manage to barely make it to 8pm before falling asleep on the couch.

It's even harder to navigate the first trimester when you have other little babes to run after. I could barely take care of myself, let alone tiny humans who relied on me. So here are some of my tips, tricks and must haves to help you survive those first 13 weeks.

Stay Active.

I was never active with the boys and honestly I wish I had been. I started doing pregnancy workouts really early on this time and I noticed when I did get moving my symptoms were way less intense. Although, getting the motivation to workout when you feel so sick and tired is really hard. I promise though, once you do you'll feel so much better! I am OBSESSED with the Tone it Up pregnancy workouts that they have on their Studio Tone It Up app. They have everything from yoga to full body workouts.


This goes hand in hand with exercise. I would meditate after every workout and it really helped me get into the right mindset. I always feel 100 times better after I meditate.

Great Prenatal Vitamins.

I have the WORST gag reflex when pregnant and every prenatal vitamin I've tried to swallow has always come back up. So, with the twins I decided to try something new and went with gummies. It was the best decision ever! Since then I have never used anything else in pregnancy. Not only do these taste great but you can chew them versus having to swallow a horse pill (by the way whose bright idea was it to make prenatal vitamins the size of a quarter...really?!). You want to make sure that with gummies you watch your iron and calcium levels because they don't contain those two important minerals so eat lots of foods like spinach that are rich in iron and almonds which are high in calcium.

Chug! Chug! Chug!

Not the fun stuff...water. It's SO incredibly important to stay hydrated when you're pregnant. Especially if you suffer from morning sickness or throw up. Being here in the hot Arizona desert I've always been told to try and drink a gallon of water a day. I know, that's a lot...typically it's recommended to drink between 8-10 8oz glasses. Having a large BPA free water bottle that you can take everywhere is great! I have been loving this one because it has a straw and I can see exactly how much I've drank. They come in a 20oz size. I can sometimes get bored with regular water so feel free to throw in some fruit or a splash of juice to add some flavor. I've been really loving Liquid IV lately which is great for replenishing electrolytes. Use CODE:dakotacurfman for 25% off your order! I'm also one of those people that like ice cold water so I always throw in some ice cubes.

Ginger Ale + Crackers.

Sometimes all you can do is sip down some good ole ginger ale. If you're sick ginger ale will be your best friend. I always keep crackers like Triscuts, Ritz, or saltines by my bedside table to munch on first thing in the morning. I also throw some in my bag so whenever I'm out and about and get hit with the nausea I can snack on some and it usually helps it subside. It's also important to have snacks handy wherever you are. I loved having protein bars in my bag or a bag of cashews and almonds to snack on.


I spent a LOT of time...more than I'd like to admit laying on the couch watching Netflix. This is the time to take it easy, relax and binge watch some Netflix favs. My suggestions: F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Hart of Dixie, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls.

Belly Butter.

You may not be showing yet but it's a good idea to start lathering that belly up for when you start growing. I've always made sure that I moisturize my skin and keep it as hydrated as possible in pregnancy, especially my belly! I use this one and it's always worked for me, not to mention the fact that I don't have to worry about some of the harmful chemicals others have in them.

Comfy Pants.

This is a must! With all the bloating and uncomfortable symptoms that come with the first trimester, having comfy pants that don't constrict that growing belly is a necessity. I just recently came across some from GAP and OH MY GOSH. I couldn't find the exact ones but these are close. They are must haves for sure, the softest and most comfortable pants I think I've ever had.

Essential Oils.

I loved using Lavender to calm my crazy mood swings and Ginger to calm the all day nausea. I also loved diffusing citrus oils because they just smell pretty and clean! Be careful with which oils you use though because there are some that aren't safe in pregnancy, for example Clary Sage. Always make sure to check if they are recommended in pregnancy before using them and that they are pure essential oils.

Pregnancy App(s).

I LOVE having pregnancy apps to track all my symptoms and read about the weekly (or daily) facts about baby. I prefer to have two different apps because they each offer different things. The Bump is perfect for getting the detailed facts and seeing the 3D ultrasounds for each week. Ovia Pregnancy is great for symptom tracking. I also love that you can see what baby's hand and foot print size is each week. Hitting the next week of pregnancy is always so exciting and opening those apps to see how much baby has grown is so fun for me.

So there you have it, those are my must haves for surviving the first trimester! What products got you through those first few months?

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