Father's Day 2019

Father's Day 2019

Happy Father's Day! I love any excuse to celebrate my husband, but there's something about Father's Day that I love. He's such a great daddy and genuinely loves being a dad.

This Father's Day Wes woke up early to go shooting with his dad and when they came back I was preparing a special breakfast for them. Fluffy biscuits with blueberry butter and blueberry topping with a side of scrambled eggs. It was sooooo yummy! I might even put this recipe up on the blog because it was a definite favorite!

He also opened his cards from the boys and I. They had so much fun drawing him pictures and it was so sweet.

After breakfast we hung out around the house, let Cooper nap and the twins relax. Then Wes and I went to get the truck washed and had an adult Target run which as so much fun!

When we came back I started dinner and spoiled the dads with a yummy steak and veggie spread. Overall it was such a nice day and I'm blessed we got to spend it together this year. What did y'all do for Father's Day?

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