Ellie Grace | 9 Month Update

Ellie Grace | 9 Month Update

The older this baby girl gets, the more in denial I get. How in the world is she already nine months old? We only have THREE months until her first birthday. This has me realizing a few things. A. Babies definitely don't keep, the more you have the faster it goes. B. I would have ALL the babies if my husband would let me. C. I need to start figuring out a theme for her first birthday.

She did have a weird virus a few weeks ago that gave us a good scare. She spiked a SUPER high fever (104.3F) and had it for a week and a half. She even got tested for Covid-19. The rapid test came back negative, but at her nine month appointment the doctor asked how her sickness went. We told him the ins and outs, and he mentioned he's seen a lot of that. He went on to say she probably did have it, but we tested her so early (the same day she started to have a fever). So, who actually knows. I just know I'm over this Covid-19 crap...


Happy to report that we are still nursing on demand! I feel so grateful to be able to breastfeed her, each month is just another gift! I actually really love our nursing sessions. It's a great excuse for this mama to slow down. She's also eating WAY more "real" food. She loves mac n cheese and pretty much anything her brothers drop on the floor...


She still hasn't slept through the night. Although, it doesn't bother me so much as it did with the boys. Maybe it's because I know she's my last, or maybe it's because we all sleep in one giant family bed. She's started to wake up earlier in the mornings though, which means I need to start moving up my morning routine a bit.


We were on point with her nine month appointment, which never happens! She had a great wellness check up and got caught up with all her vaccines from when we moved. She was 17 lbs 11oz and perfectly healthy. We did find out that her little mark on her tailbone is a Mongolian spot. Other than that, the pediatrician said she scored slightly low on the developmental survey (which I think is silly, because she seems right on track). She also has THREE teeth, working on her fourth.

I am SO proud of all the progress she's made and can't wait to see what this next month has in store!


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