DIY: Toy Story Birthday Banner

DIY: Toy Story Birthday Banner

Y'all! I'm SO excited for the boys' first birthday party. I mean let's be's more for me than it is for them, but hey! I kept two tiny humans alive for a year, I think I deserve a party. Plus the crafty mama in me just HAS to go all out. My husband and I toyed around with themes, but as soon as we saw Toy Story we were sold. My hubby absolutely LOVES Toy Story and it's so fitting! Plus there are two of them and Woody and Buzz are best friends, just like the boys. We couldn't find a better theme if we tried. Not to mention, we're crazy Disney people over here.

Of course the first thing I did was head to Pinterest for some ideas. There were SO many cute ideas and then I realized something....we're arriving at our next duty station the DAY OF the boys first birthdays. Greeaaaaat...So instead of doing everything myself the way I usually would, I broke down and hired not just a photographer, but a baker as well. I'm SO excited! Why have I never done this before? I feel like a new woman!

I decided to buy the decorations now and take them with us just in case our stuff decides to ehhh...take its time. One of the decorations I ABSOLUTELY wanted were highchair banners. They're so cute and festive and you can have any theme you want! So, instead of hunting on Etsy for the one I wanted (let's be real we all know how picky I am) I decided to head to Hobby Lobby and make one myself!

Y'all....these are SO easy! All you have to do is find fabrics that fit your theme and go at it! Here's what you'll need:

  • 5 different fabric patterns that fit your theme
  • pinking shears
  • bakers twine or any other type of string
  • ruler
  • fabric scissors
  • paint of your choice
  • paintbrush
  • staples or thread and needle
  • laminated burlap sheet

Here's how you throw together your banner:

First things first, is measure your fabric. You can make your banner as long or short as you like, but I chose to have mine a little longer. I cut strips of fabric 1-2 inches wide and 19 inches long with pinking shears. I did 10 of each fabric, but it depends on how long you want your banner.

Once you have all the fabric you need, cut the twine or string to the length of your highchair and tie a loop at each end.

After that, you just use a cow hitch knot to put them all together. You can do a pattern or random, but of course I did a pattern.

Once you have all the fabric you need on the butchers twine, it's time to make the number pendant.

I bought my laminated burlap from Walmart and it came in sheets. All you need to do is fold in half and cut an angle out to make a pennant shape.

Paint whatever number you want on the burlap with a coordinating paint color.

Bend the top over the twine and staple on either side. You can also use hot glue, whichever is easier for you.

Enjoy your new banner! Have fun with it!

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