Bumpdate | 21 Weeks

Bumpdate | 21 Weeks

How Far Along?:  21 Weeks!

Weight Gain: 12 pounds, which I thought was okay, but apparently at my appointment this week I was told I need to gain more weight. Looks like I'll be eating lots more avocado!

Gender?: It's a GIRL!

How Big is Baby?: Baby girl is the size of an endive. She's now 10.5 inches and 12.7 ounces. Inching closer and closer to that one pound mark! She's moving more and more, although I can't feel it as strongly as the boys, I can still feel her!

Symptoms: Headache, dizziness, light headed and tired. I have been feeling so run down lately which makes sense because of my low blood pressure. I've also been having Braxton hicks which has been weird, I can't believe I'm already at that stage!

Any Food Cravings?: Avocado grilled cheese sandwiches and strawberries. OH and sweet, cold desserts.

Sleep: I have been SO tired. I started going to bed super early and it's been feeling great.

Stretch Marks?: No new ones! Although my old ones are getting more prominent.

Maternity Clothes?: Yes! I am loving my maternity clothes. I need to buy more comfy cute ones.

Wedding Ring On or Off?: On!

What Do You Miss the Most?: Sleeping comfortably and no back pain!

What Are You Most Excited For This Next Week?: I'm looking forward to having a nice relaxing weekend with no plans.

Labor Signs?: Not yet!

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