Bumpdate | 26 Weeks

Bumpdate | 26 Weeks

How Far Along?:  26 Weeks! Happy Halloween!

Weight Gain: 22 lbs! I seem to be going backwards on the scale these last two weeks. I'm not complaining since I'm still in the healthy weight gain!

Gender?: BOY!

How Big is Baby?: Baby is the size of a head of lettuce! He's measuring about 14 inches or so and is roughly 2 lbs! He sure is packing on the weight. He also opens his eyes this week and can sense light!

Symptoms: My whole body is stiff and sore. My back aches, my feet hurt, my head hurts. I'm a train wreck. I've started having some Braxton Hicks lately too, but these ones are sort of painful which is weird!

Any Food Cravings?: Nothing really this week.

Sleep: Non existent. Liam was sick the last few days and we had no idea what was wrong with him. I was up constantly throughout the night to check on his fever and give him meds. All the trips to urgent care, doctors offices and the ER has me WIPED. On the plus side, we have a diagnosis and I can sleep a little more now that he's getting the right meds. (More to come on what's going on with him)

Stretch Marks?: Just the ones from the twins thankfully.

Maternity Clothes?: YUP!

Wedding Ring On or Off?: On.

What Do You Miss the Most?: Sleeping and not being exhausted after the first hour of being awake. Being pregnant with twin toddlers is NO joke y'all!

What Are You Most Excited For This Next Week?: My mama comes to town! She's gonna help me get ready for my maternity shoot which I have been looking forward to since I found out I was preggo! My girl Roxy is so talented I know they will be gorgeous! OH and it's Halloween soon! Can't wait to dress up with the boys and take them on their first trick or treating adventure, too bad daddy won't be here to tag along :(

Labor Signs?: Nope!

Favorite Memory From Last Week?: Honestly...snuggling with my sick baby boy in our bed watching Octonauts with him. He has been so cuddly. As horrible as this week has been, I'm thankful for those little moments with my little man.

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