Bumpdate | 25 Weeks

Bumpdate | 25 Weeks

With all the craziness of this week, I didn't get to take a bump pic but next week for sure!

How Far Along?:  25 Weeks!

Weight Gain: 23 lbs. Not sure how I managed to lose so much weight so fast, although it could have had to do with my 24 hour sickness I had...that was ugly.

Gender?: BOY!

How Big is Baby?: Baby is the size of a cauliflower! He's getting so big! He's moving more and more each day and you can tell he's growing because my whole stomach shifts when he moves haha. He's about 1.5 lbs and 13.6 inches by now!

Symptoms: My back has been killing me and so have my feet. I had this weird bug or maybe it was food poisoning, but I threw up three times in a row! I haven't thrown up since my first trimester. My stomach was killing me and it knocked me on my rear for 2 days. I'm also super exhausted lately and it doesn't help that I can't sleep at night. I also have on and off headaches, but I know it's because I need to drink more water.

Any Food Cravings?: Salted Caramel Mocha Fraps. SO horrible for me but OMG! They help with my headaches too so it's hard to say no...

Sleep: I'm a night owl lately. I'm so tired, but I can't fall asleep and lately just been falling asleep to the TV. I really miss a full nights sleep. I can't get comfortable either. The one good thing is usually when I'm out, I'm out.

Stretch Marks?: Nothing new, but the ones from my twins are getting more and more pronounced.

Maternity Clothes?: All day errrr day!

Wedding Ring On or Off?: On.

What Do You Miss the Most?: Sleep! Oh how I miss sleep. And just being able to exercise without feeling like I'm dying haha.

What Are You Most Excited For This Next Week?: I have a midwife appointment later this week and I can't wait!

Labor Signs?: Nope!

Favorite Memory From Last Week?: My morning walks. I started walking in the mornings and training the dogs and it's been a lot of fun!

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